Blog news and product reviews

Blog News and product reviews

15Oct 2017
2018 Isle of Man Noble 1oz Silver Proof Bullion Coin

2018 Silver Bullion Coins New Releases   Dear Readers, As the New 2018 Silver Bullion Coins are released in the coming months by the various national mints I will add them to this blog with pictures and a brief description & comment. You will be able to link directly to the respective Category or coin […]

16Jul 2017
2018 Albion 1 kilo Sheffield Hallmarked Silver Bullion Bar

The New Albion® Hallmarked Silver Bullion Bars The New Albion® Hallmarked silver bullion bars are refined electrolytically to produce fine silver bars of 999 purity by the same refinery as the Sheffield Hallmarked bars were, after these bars were sadly discontinued, I stayed in contact with the refinery under its new management  and spent the […]

06Mar 2017
2017 Rwanda Nautical Series 1 oz Santa Maria Silver Bullion Coin

The New 2017 1 ounce Silver bullion coins. Dear Readers, I have to say Christmas seems to come earlier every Year, with that in mind the various national mints have started releasing the new 2017 1 ounce silver bullion coins already. So as the new 2017 coins become available I’ll be adding them with links […]

19Jun 2016
2016 Angel 1 ounce Isle of Man Silver Bullion Coin

The 2016 Isle of Man Angel silver bullion coin The 2016 Isle of Man Angel silver bullion coin is in my opinion probably the best made Bullion coin of the year, its sheer beauty, design, quality & attention to detail is second to none. The Third design in the coin’s illustrious history produced by the Pobjoy […]