1 kilogram silver bullion bar Limited Edition Case

1 kilogram silver bullion bar Limited Edition Case

These Beautiful precision handmade 1 kilogram silver bullion bar Limited Edition Case are the work John Evans of distinctivehandmadeboxes.com
John has prided himself for years in making made to order personalised individual Jewellery boxes, Ring boxes, Bureau boxes, Tealight holders and many other Artistic wooden Items for his customers.
You need only to go to his website to see some of the amazing items that he has created & i Highly suggest that you do 🙂


I came across John on Twitter by chance and after viewing some of the Beautiful items that he had created I asked him to look into making some Wooden cases for my hand poured 1 Kilogram silver bullion bars,  a little exchange of idea’s & Measurements later I basically said to him “do what you think is best, bill me and send me a prototype when your done” the Result was a perfect prototype so I immediately ordered 6 from this one of a kind craftsman and was utterly delighted when they arrived.

The resulting 1 kilogram silver bullion bar Limited Edition Cases have been made to perfectly fit the Sheffield hallmarked Silver bullion bars, they have been signed and numbered individually by John Evans himself on the underside of the case, each case has been lined with black suede to protect the Bullion bar against scratches or damage & the 2 halves are held together with magnets.

As each wooden case has been individually handmade they have an individual character due to the Beautiful finish of the Walnut wood chosen by John resulting in the perfect combination of a hand poured silver bullion bar in a handmade Walnut case for someone wanting something beautiful, Individual and special for prosperity.

So if you want one click the link below or if you want something special made of wood perhaps give my regards to John and click his link above.




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