2017 Australian Dragon and Phoenix ERROR 1 ounce Silver bullion coin

The 2017 Australian Dragon and Phoenix ERROR 1 ounce Silver bullion coin

The 2017 Australian Dragon and Phoenix ERROR 1 ounce Silver bullion coin was released by the Perth Mint as a standalone silver bullion coin to complement the Australian Bullion coin program, it has a 50000 minted limited edition and is probably going to be one of the most collectable silver bullion coins of 2017.
The coin’s reverse features a Dragon and Phoenix flying above the clouds around a flaming pearl, exquisitely detailed These coins are struck at the Perth Mint in Australia with a purity of 999.
The obverse features the  Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the 2017 year-date and the monetary denomination are shown on the obverse of each coin.

The 2017 Australian Dragon and Phoenix 1 ounce Silver bullion coin

Manufacturer: Perth Mint
Dimensions: 40.6 mm
Weight (grams): 31.103
Fineness: 9999

The ERROR Variant

If you look at the first picture of a normal variant and the Error variant side by side your hopefully notice my crude red outline around the Error area’s, It appears that one of the batches forgot to matte finish 2 area’s on the coin leaving them with an almost proof mirror finish instead of the white background.

The first is behind the head of the Phoenix towards its main body & the second is a tiny area on the Dragons foot, As far as Errors go pretty nice ones and not exactly typical of the Perth mint,
The Perth mint has acknowledged the minting error but have no information on how many were made before they corrected it.

I’ve personally sold over 300 of these beautiful coins before this Error was pointed out to me which just goes to show if you don’t know what to look for then you can miss it and after searching though my remaining stock I only found 10 of them which were all in the same roll of 20 coins.

So here comes the question how much premium do these coins deserve considering they are limited edition ( 50000 ) with an error variant of very few & no Idea how many there might be.
I’ve purchased 200 more of the coins since and have not found a single one so clearly it must have been only on one of the few first batches that were issued.

No one is selling them yet as far as i can tell so your guess is as good as mine but i suspect they might well be worth sitting on if you have one!

Like I said I suspect I would have sold a few of these error variants to a couple of you so if you purchased some of these coins when i first listed them it might be worth checking to see if you have one !

Sincerely martin 🙂

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  1. billp says:

    Hi Martin,

    I have just found your website. I am relatively new to collecting silver – both from the numismatic and bullion fronts. Interesting article about the 2017 AUSTRALIAN DRAGON AND PHOENIX ERROR 1 OUNCE SILVER BULLION COIN. Do you by chance have any for sale? I have found a few for sale on ebay but only from the USA.

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