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Gold and Silver Bullion Testing methods

Gold and Silver Bullion Testing methods

Nicely shown and explained in this youtube video

First posted in September 2014 by silver.com on youtube.
The Gold and Silver Bullion Testing Methods Video takes you through 6 testing methods Starting in this order!

The Magnet test,

My personal favourite and easiest to do when in doubt, it does not damage the item and has together with product knowledge exposed most fakes that i have come across, Its also the reason why i send a free small Neodymium magnet out with if requested to my customers.

The Ice Cube Test,

I’ve tried this a couple of times but as the video points out its probably the worst of the tests and is completely unreliable.

The Ping Test,

Not a big fan of this test and maybe its my hearing but its never really worked for me, plus you risk scratching the coin if you ping it too hard trying to make it work.

The Acid Test,

This test permanently damages the item and for it to really work you need to either drill or scratch into the coin or bar just in case the item is silver plated so yes it works but your wish it didn’t after you have done it!

Also after opening the acid bottle the acid only has a 3 month shelf life so after that the test results will slowly get worse untill it no longer can be relied upon.

The Ultrasound + Caliper Test.

I’ve seen the refinery where i buy my Silver bars use an ultrasound gun which apparently costs £17.000 which is a little to much but this video shows a cheaper option of doing it, however i think it might be a little to much hassle for your average collector or stacker.

The Weight Test,

The most interesting and as the video points out probably the best way of testing your items but if your out and about buying precious metals not the kind of test you can unpack in front of the seller without him ringing the police asking to have the illegal picnic removed from his store.

 In Summery

Ideally product knowledge and a little research will save you a lot of trouble, also buying from a reputable dealer and Knowing the weight, dimensions, thickness and look of the coin or bar is the best defense against buying fakes, But failing that learn to use a strong Magnet.

A free Rare earth Magnet for silver testing is available with any existing order here:

Neodymium Rare Earth neodymium Magnet for Silver Testing

If you have any questions you can ring me on Tel: 0191 2099300 or email me at martin@silvertrader.uk
Sincerely Martin