Second Grade Silver bullion coins with slight scratches or milk marks

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Second Grade Silver Bullion Coins with slight scratches or milk marks

Second Grade Silver Bullion Coins with slight scratches or milk marks


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Second Grade Silver bullion coins with slight scratches or milk marks

Second Grade Silver Bullion Coins with slight scratches or milk marks in protective Coin capsules.

COIN INFORMATION ( at the moment they will be mostly Maples & Britannia’s)

Over time I’ve received  various brand new uncirculated bullion coins which are sadly not up to standard from my suppliers with scratches, chips, milk marks or discolouration of some kind,
This is to be expected with silver bullion coins but I feel unable to send them out to customers who might be collectors so over time I build up a small stack of what i call b or second grade coins.

These coins are mostly 1 ounce silver bullion coins but also include 1.5 ounce and 2 ounce silver bullion coins ! not ideal for collectors but a cheaper option for silver stackers !


I will be selling them at a unit price or 1 trou ounce of 999 silver bullion so 31.103 grams, larger purchases may include 1.5 ounce or 2 ounce coins rather than 1 ounce coins

The coins will be mixed so from various mints but mainly from the Royal mint as they seem to be the worst for a lack of Quality control.

coins will have some kind of defect but nothing major ! this may include milk marks, discolouration, small chips but mainly scratches ( queens face tends to be the majority )

Second Grade Silver Bullion Coin with Slight scratches or milk marks

Manufacturer: Varied national mints
Mixed but supplied in capsules
Weight (grams):


  • Each silver bullion coin will be delivered in an individual coin capsule by fully insured royal mail
  • Prices are all inclusive, discounts for multiple item purchases are automatically applied at the cart stage of your transaction
  • If you have any questions you can ring me on Tel: 0191 2099300 or email me at

16 reviews for Second Grade Silver bullion coins with slight scratches or milk marks

  1. PeterDavies1

    I ordered 5oz of these second grade coins and received them today, I received 3x 1oz maple leafs and 1x 2oz Queens Beasts Lion of England, apart from a small brown mark on one of the maple leafs the coins are pretty much perfect, OK I was probably lucky, some may show more imperfections than others but if you are like me and only interested in stacking precious metals then these coins are ideal. But Ssshhh don’t tell everyone ‘cos I want some more 🙂
    Once again thanks to Martin for his excellent service!

  2. denis burns

    I have been a silver stacker for over 4 years, I prefer investing my savings in precious metals than in tax free ISA’s. These are great value and I will keep buying them as long as they last in Martins stock.

  3. PeterDavies1

    I’ve just received my second order of these grade B coins and once again I’m very pleased.
    I was happy to get 3x 2018 Tower bridge coins and 2x 2018 Somalian Elephant coins, yes 4 of the coins have slight imperfections (only visible under magnification) but I am still very happy, especially as they are beautiful coins which I normally wouldn’t have chosen simply because no matter how good Martin’s photographic skills are, photo’s couldn’t do the actual coins justice.
    So once again I recommend these Grade B coins from Martin, you won’t be disappointed, but I also recommend the 2018 Tower Bridge coin and the 2018 Somalian Elephant coin, both of which would be a lovely addition to your collection.
    Once again, thanks Martin 🙂

  4. Martin Dodd

    I ordered 10 Oz of B grade coins, I could not be happier with my order fast delivery and excellent service 🙂

  5. Louise Bryceland

    I ordered 5 of these and I am absolutely delighted with what i received. Great value for money and excellent service. I will most definitely be ordering more.

  6. philip

    Better 2nd grade coins than other suppliers, Service is first class,

  7. graham

    ordered a few of these now and the coins are very good quality for second grade.
    excellent speady service from martin as always.

  8. Timmo365

    Ordered 10 of these and really happy with the variety I received. On the whole, I was very happy with the quality for these second grade coins as well. I also enjoyed the not knowing what I was going to get.

  9. GarethDavies24

    Ordered 10. Very much a surprise selection box. This included a couple of 1½ oz Canada coins and dragon bar coins. Very quick delivery as well.

  10. Mark

    Ordered 7, Very happy with what I received
    Will order again

  11. Khalid nassir

    Will order again and again tanck you

  12. Tudor86

    My 4th order from SilverTrader and another excellent product. These coins arrived very quickly and as second grade coins I couldn’t complain at all, the Britannia had some very minor marks which you really had to look for to notice and the maple had a very small nick in it. Again it wasn’t immediately noticeable and on a maple it doesn’t really matter. If you are looking for a cheaper way of buying lower end bullion coins then you can’t go wrong! Wouldn’t definitely buy again.

  13. Mark Sainsbury

    Only recently found silvertrader, and I’m already quite impressed. Had a couple of these grde b coins delivered yesterday (a maple, and a us dollar) in excellent condition, just a minor scuff on one of them.
    I am so impressed in fact, that I have just ordered ten more.

    I also like the anticipation of not quite knowing what is in this next order.

    Many thanks for the great service and prompt delivery.


  14. Sumo

    This is my second lot of b grade coins they where a great selection and I will b ordering more

  15. Andy Walker

    Fantastic,. I cannot fault in any way. Great customer service.

  16. Terrence Ferry

    Iv ordered 2 times with b graded coins and never had a mark on them apart from one ,I’m very happy and will buy as many as possible when Martin has them in . Martin I’d love you too send email when they come in and keep up the good work and love that your in the north east .got me hooked and trying to get as many as possible before the big price comes in the next 10 year or so

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