Gold and Silver Bullion Testing Methods

Gold and Silver Bullion Testing methods Nicely shown and explained in this youtube video First posted in September 2014 by on youtube. The Gold and Silver Bullion Testing Methods Video takes you through 6 testing methods Starting in this order! The Magnet test, My personal favourite and easiest to do when in doubt, it […]

Coin Capsules and Coin Accessories

Coin Capsules and Coin Accessories. Dear Customers Some of you have asked me in recent times about buying coin capsules and coin accessories for items you have brought from other dealers As any of you who have brought coins from me before will know, I always send out my items in individual coin capsules to […]

The new 2015 Australian Silver bullion coins. Dear Readers Let me introduce to you the new 2015 Australian silver bullion coins, ranging in size from 1/2 ounce up to 1 kilo coins, The 4 main coins that i will be reviewing are the 1 oz Kookaburra, Funnel web Spider, Koala and the lunar Year of […]

Ron Paul on Gold and Silver interviewed By Mike Maloney. Excellent interview with Ron Paul on gold and silver by mike Maloney, well worth the watch. First posted in August 2011 by Mike Maloney on youtube. Ron Paul (born August 20, 1935) is an American physician, author, and former Republican congressman, He represented the 22nd […]