100 gram silver Bullion Bar in Presentation Capsule and giftbox

Dear customer,

The 100 gram silver Bullion bar in Presentation Capsule & Gift box for the Sheffield hallmarked bars.

Capsule Information

Due to the fact that no Bullion dealers have bothered to have capsules made for any silver bars larger than a 1 ounce bar I decided to have these made! Mainly because I hate sending out silver bars in sandwich bags.
The  capsules are plastic with foam inserts which perfectly fit the Sheffield hallmarked 100 gram bars in this beautiful presentation capsule, they also fit the 100 gram Metalor bars.
I have also included a gift box mainly for protection during its transportation to the customer but also just in case the capsule is intended as a gift.

Bar Information

Independently verified and hallmarked silver bars by the Sheffield assay office, Registers of maker’s marks (now called sponsor’s marks) going back to 1773.
The sponsor’s mark is made up of two major components; the sponsor’s initials and the shape which surrounds them. The font or typeface of the initials and the particular shape of the surround are what distinguish a sponsor’s mark, In this case the initials SAO & the ROSE hallmark.
Brand new 100 gram silver bars manufactured in the Heart of Yorkshire & Hallmarked in Sheffield.
Each bar is refined electrolytically to produce fine silver products of 999 purity.

Sheffield Hallmarked 100 gram silver Bullion Bar in Presentation Capsule

Manufactured: In Yorkshire
Dimensions: 45mm x 24mm x 8mm
Weight (grams): 100.0 grams
Fineness: 999

Both Polished or Matt finish 100 gram silver Bullion Bar in Presentation Capsule are available.




If you would like to know what they look like a kind customer called Markus has made a few youtube video’s 🙂

Bar Capsule Video 1

Bar Capsule video with Metalor bar

If you have any questions you can ring me on Tel: 0191 2099300 or email me at martin@silvertrader.uk
Sincerely Martin

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