2021 Cutty Sark Reverse Frosted 1oz Silver Bullion Coin


2021 Cutty Sark Reverse Frosted 1oz Silver Bullion Coin

2021 Cutty Sark Reverse Frosted 1oz Silver Bullion Coin issued by the Pobjoy Mint has a limited mintage of 10,000.

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2021 Cutty Sark Reverse Frosted 1oz Silver Bullion Coin

The 2021 Cutty Sark Reverse Frosted 1oz Silver Bullion Coin comes in an individual protective Coin capsule or the original Mint Tube.


This bullion coin was minted on behalf of the British Indian Ocean Territory by The Pobjoy Mint. The beautiful 1oz .999 fine Silver Reverse Frosted coin has an extremely limited mintage of only 10,000 coins worldwide.
The Cutty Sark name actually came from the famous Robert Burns poem, Tam O’Shanter (which is the nickname for the witch in the poem) which was published in 1791 and celebrates the 230th Anniversary.

The Cutty Sark Name:
The historic ship was named by Jock Willis, the original ship owner who choose the name based on Robert Burns poem, Tam O’Shanter. Interestingly enough, witches are thought to be unable to cross water, which further adds to the allure and mystic of this beautiful ships unique and interesting history.

The Cutty Sark History:
The history of this clipper ship started in 1869, the year it was built. It’s first voyage was in 1870, where it set sails for Shanghai, China during the China tea trade. The Cutty Sark is known for its record breaking speeds during the late 1800s where it could transport goods in less than a month. Flash forward to the 1900s where the ship was later restored by and used for training cadets. In 1954, the ship was brought into Greenwich where further restorations were made and later opened as a local attraction in 1957 where in continues to bring amazement and joy to its fellow attractors.

Pobjoy Mint:
Pobjoy Mint is a privately held company in Surrey, England that was founded in 1965 by Derek Pobjoy. Today, it continues to be a family ran business and a leader in the manufacturer of legal tender coins for British Overseas Territories. As a private mint, they also produce medals, medallions, official regalla (royal crowns and scepters), tokens, and a wide range of numismatic coins. Pobjoy is known for developing the first man-made precious metals called Virenium®. Additionally, Pobjoy is the only mint that has perfected the manufacturing of colored Titanium coinage in the world!

2021 Cutty Sark Reverse Frosted 1oz Silver Bullion Coin

Manufacturer: Pobjoy Mint
38.6 mm x 2.3mm
Weight (grams):

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