2020 Tokelau Icon Hiram Powers 1oz Silver Bullion Coin


2020 Tokelau Icon Hiram Powers 1oz Silver Bullion Coin

2020 Tokelau Icon Hiram Powers 1oz Silver Bullion Coin has been released from the Pressburg Mint, with a 30,000 limited mintage

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2020 Tokelau Icon Hiram Powers 1oz Silver Bullion Coin

The 2020 Tokelau Icon Hiram Powers 1oz Silver Bullion Coin comes in an individual protective Coin capsule


Icons are representations of the Heavenly. They are expressions of Orthodox Faith, teaching, and worship. The Greek word for “Icon” is, “╬Ĺ╬│╬╣╬┐╬│¤ü╬▒¤ć╬»╬▒,” which can be separated into two words:

  • ╬ć╬│╬╣╬┐, meaning Holy or not of this world (Heavenly)
  • ╬ô¤ü╬Ȥć¤ë, meaning to write


Therefore, Icons are not drawings or creations of imagination. Theyare in fact writings of things not of this world. Icons can represent our Lord Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, and the Saints. They can also represent the Holy Trinity, Angels, the Heavenly hosts, and even events. Orthodox icons, unlike Western pictures, change the perspective and form of the image so that it is not naturalistic. This is done so that we can look beyond appearances of the world, and instead look to the spiritual truth of the holy person or event. Icons can only be created with the blessing of the Church, as they are writings of Truth.

Hiram Powers (July 29, 1805 ÔÇô June 27, 1873) was an American neoclassical sculptor. He was one of the first 19th-century American artists to gain an international reputation, largely based on his famous marble sculpture The Greek Slave.

Hiram Powers modeled Diana for Lucius Manlius Sargent, who requested an ideal bust of a┬ánew subject. The figure of Diana was based on his sculpture America. To create a┬áunique design, he altered her drapery and added a┬ámoon to the stars on her tiara. While carving the first marble replica for Sargent, Powers abandoned two blocks of marble before he found one with no flaws or obvious veins of color. The MuseumÔÇÖs version, carved in 1853, was discovered in an antique shop in Portugal more than a┬ácentury later. It may have been commissioned by Lord Overstone or Peter Fairbairn, two of the artistÔÇÖs patrons from England.

2020 Tokelau Icon Hiram pawers 1oz Silver Bullion Coin

Manufacturer: Pressburg Mint
38.6 mm
Weight (grams):
Mintage: 10,000
Fineness: 999



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