2020 Tokelau Hahave Flying Fish 1oz Silver Bullion Coin


2020 Tokelau Hahave Flying Fish 1oz Silver Bullion Coin

2020 Tokelau Hahave Flying Fish 1oz Silver Bullion Coin, issued by the New Zealand Mint this limited release has a low mintage of only 10,000 coins.

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2020 Tokelau Hahave Flying fish 1oz Silver Bullion Coin

This 2020 Tokelau Hahave Flying Fish 1oz Silver Bullion Coin comes in an airtight capsule.


Flying fish can be seen jumping out of warm ocean waters worldwide. Their streamlined torpedo shape helps them gather enough underwater speed to break the surface, and their large, wing-like pectoral fins get them airborne.

Flying fish are thought to have evolved this remarkable gliding ability to escape predators, of which they have many. Their pursuers include mackerel, tuna, swordfish, marlin, and other larger fish. For their sustenance, flying fish feed on a variety of foods, including plankton.

There are at least 40 known species of flying fish. Beyond their useful pectoral fins, all have unevenly forked tails, with the lower lobe longer than the upper lobe. Many species have enlarged pelvic fins as well and are known as four-winged flying fish.

Obverse: The likeness of Queen Elizabeth II along with the Tuluma, which is the national symbol of Tokelau. The Tuluma is a wooden tackle box used by the fishermen of Tokelau, inscribed with “Tokelau mot e Atua” meaning “Tokelau for God,” referencing the influence of Christianity in Tokelau.

Reverse: Shows two of the Flying Fish, one in the foreground and the second one a little smaller and in the background. The coin has graphics in the background representing the water of the ocean.
Sovereign coin backed by the government of Tokelau.

2020 Tokelau Flying Fish 1oz Silver Bullion Coin

Manufacturer: New Zealand Mint
38.6mmx 3.2mm
Weight (grams):
Mintage: 10,000


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