2020 Taekwondo South Korean 1oz Silver Bullion Medal


2020 Taekwondo South Korean Lucky Coin 1oz silver bullion Medal

2020 Taekwondo South Korean 1oz Silver Bullion Medal, second issue in the K series and offers a dramatic change from the previous issue.

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2020 Taekwondo South Korean 1oz Silver Bullion Medal

The 2020 Taekwondo South Korean 1oz Silver Bullion Medal comes in a protective Coin capsule.


The Republic of Korea and KOMSCO take exceptional pleasure in announcing this second release in their Taekwondo series with this 2020 1 oz Silver South Korea Taekwondo BU coin release. As amazing as their inaugural 2019 circular kick release was, this 2020,Ā In your face knock-out punchĀ takes the series to a completely new level.

This perspective-based action scene is unequaled in any recent martial arts themed bullion coin offerings of which we are aware. Every aspect of this design isĀ spot-onĀ regarding the power of the deep focus involved in Taekwondo. The fist-punch displayed did not originate in the passionate emotional response of the combatant depicted. One glance at his expression demonstrates the quiet spirit out of which the punch was being delivered. This is a remarkable step forward in this new series, and one we hope to see expanded on in the years to come!

The obverse is consistent with the series, presenting a beautiful and active scene, featuring a Yin Yang symbol on the left center of the design. The darkness of the Yin is accented by slightly-angled fine, horizontal lines against the frosted background. The lightness of the Yang is from the unfrosted silver. A circle-inset fills the head of the Yang with the security feature of a latent image of the medallionā€™s fineness of ā€œ999ā€ hidden within the fine vertical lines. The active part of the design is produced by swirls of heavier lines that appear to feed into the Yin from the top, and the Yang from the bottom. The overall design is very clean and attractive, with a nicely-textured frosted background. Inscriptions at the lower right include ā€œ2020ā€ in a smaller type, with ā€œKOREAā€ in a larger type stacked below.

The reverse is where theĀ real actionĀ is! A young taekwondo fighter demonstrates a perfect upward, forward punch, originating from the center of his focused energy, ready to move in and finish the contest. Inscriptions include ā€œTAEKWONDO . 1oz FINE SILVER 999.ā€

2020 Taekwondo South Korean 1oz Silver Bullion Medal

Manufacturer: Komsco
Weight (grams):
Mintage: 25,000


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