2020 Allegories Italia & Germania 1oz Silver Bullion Round

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2020 Allegories Italia & Germania 1oz Silver Bullion Round

2020 Allegories Italia & Germania 1oz Silver Bullion Round, the Design features personifications of two historical lands: Italia and Germania.

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2020 Allegories Italia & Germania 1oz Silver Bullion Round

The 2020 Allegories Italia & Germania 1oz Silver Bullion Round comes in an individual protective Coin capsule


For millennia, people have identified their homeland with a mother figure – their primary source of food, care and love. In the Western world, the first feminine personifications of nations usually came from the image of Athena and took the Latin names of the ancient Roman provinces, such as Germania, Polonia, Britannia and Italia.
The Germania Mint The Allegories series pays tribute to these extraordinary “mothers of nations” that for centuries have offered sanctuary in history’s most trying moments. For the first time in the history of numismatics, Germania “will meet” with other legendary personifications in symbolic circumstances.

The Third release of The Allegories series will feature Germania meeting with Italia.


The personification of Italy is depicted as a young woman with long, curly hair and pleated dress highlighting her femininity. A crown with mural-like towers resting on her head, represents an emblem of tutelary deities who watch over a city. The Horn of Plenty by her side symbolizes prosperity and wealth. Like in previous Allegories designs, Lady Italia is accompanied by our, well known, personification of Germania. Women are standing close to each other with Germania’s hand on Italia’s shoulder – a symbol of friendship between cultures.


According to the previous series, the image on the reverse is the coat of arms representing moral principles and noble values. Germania was a historical land and has never been an official country, that is why we have decided to create our own interpretation of its coat of arms. Its symbols and design are a creation of our imagination, however it has been created in accordance with applicable heraldry rules.

The crowned shield has been divided into four parts, from which each has a traditional meaning, precisely defined by heraldry. The shield itself is a symbol of truth, loyalty and trust. The crown equals authority and nobility as well as chivalry.

Germania Mint’s visualisation of Bicephalous eagle is a Roman mythology symbol associated with Janus, god of all origins, guardian of doors, gates, passages and bridges, the patron of contracts and alliances. Heads facing the opposite sides symbolize the past and the future.

The check pattern refers to wisdom and prudence – characteristics of every noble sovereign.

The gold ribbon with three flowers represent the determining values of a strong and independent nation – unity, integrity and freedom.

The wild boar – a symbol of mightiness, was a very popular and respectful animal in the Roman Empire. Legio I Italica, Legio X Fretensis and Legio XX Valeria Victrix are three of the most famous Roman legions with a boar in their emblem.

The Coat of Arms is surrounded by a wreath of oak leaves. Wreath symbolizes loyalty, stability and national unity. In mythology and ancient times, only people who wielded enormous power – spirit, muscle or magic, were allowed to wear it.

All values presented in the symbolism above, were respected by Germania and Italia.

2020 Allegories Italia & Germania 1oz Silver Bullion Round

Manufacturer: Germania Mint
38.6 mm x 2.3mm
Weight (grams):
Mintage: 25,000
Fineness: 999



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  1. Peter (verified owner)

    Another beautiful coin /round from the germania mint. A bit more expensive this time round but worth getting. Great and quick service again from Martin as always appreciated. Can’t Wait for the next one in the series.

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